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Basic License

Must Credit Prod. By BCHILL MUSIC
High Quality MP3, Untagged
Non-Profit for promotional use only
Upload to Soundcloud
For albums/non-profit performances
Limited to 10,000 streams
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Premium License

Must Credit Prod. By BCHILL MUSIC
MP3 + WAV File, Untagged
Profitable - up to 10,000 unit sales
iTunes/Spotify/Apple Music/etc..
use for albums, performances & videos.
Limited to 100,000 streams
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Trackouts License

Must Credit Prod. By BCHILL MUSIC
MP3 + WAV + Trackouts
15,000 Distribution Limit
iTunes/Spotify/Apple Music/etc..
Use for albums, performances/videos.
Ideal for mixing & re-arranging
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Unlimited License

Must Credit Prod. By BCHILL MUSIC
MP3 + WAV + Trackouts
Unlimited Distribution
iTunes/Spotify/Apple Music/etc..
YouTube Monetization Enabled
Can be used in a music video
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Mixing & Mastering

Give your audience the quality they deserve with professional beat & vocal mixing & mastering by BCHILL
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Custom Beats

Need custom production for your project? Send us an email and we can give you a quote today!
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Custom Hooks

Get a custom hook written to a track you provide for commercial release (mixtape, single, album, radio etc).
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